NEW!  MSPA Europe Africa Shopper Certification Programme

NEW! MSPA Europe Africa Shopper Certification Programme

As promised we can confirm that our new Mystery Shopper Certification programme is open, updated and ready to use! 

The Shopper Certification comes in two levels:

  • Level 1 - Shopper Certification - Introduction
  • Level 2 - Shopper Certification - Implementation

For a limited period only MSPA EA is offering LEVEL 1 FREE TO SHOPPERS through MSPA EA members. A discount code is send to the main contact person of the MSPA EA member offices to share with their shoppers.

Offer ends June 10th and normally priced at 15 Euros, this offer gives the chance for members to give a great benefit to their shoppers.

Please share with your shoppers and feel free to take the courses yourselves.

Happy learning!
The MSPA EA Board

This LEVEL 1 shopper certification test (Euro 15) is the basic qualification MSPA Europe/Africa currently provides to support Mystery Shoppers across Europe and Africa. 

It covers the key elements required to better understand the Mystery Shopping industry and how Mystery Shoppers can behave ethically, covering:
•    Essential Background to  Mystery Shopping
•    The MSPA Code of Ethics


This LEVEL 2 shopper certification (Euro 25) test is the MSPA EA guide to Professional Mystery Shopping. With this course Mystery Shoppers will learn about our Professional Standards, how it affects Mystery Shoppers and how to work to the highest standards to build a great reputation.

•    Acceptance and preparation for the visit
•    The Mystery Shopping Visit
•    Reporting Your Mystery Shopping Results


Shoppers can find out more and register to learn by visiting the Shopper Certification pages

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