COVID-19 Protocols for Shoppers – MSPA EA

To further support the messages and Protocols about COVID-19 we have prepared a version of our Protocols for you to share with your shoppers.  

For Mystery Shoppers

The full document "Protocols for Mystery Shoppers during the COVID-19 period" can be found by clicking here.

Last month we presented an piece of guidance that provides recommendations of the Protocols and measures members should apply when conducting face to face mystery shopping in the current period. For your reference we included this document below.

For Member Companies

The full document "COVID-19 Protocols for Face-to-Face Mystery Shopping fieldwork in Mystery Shopping"can be found by clicking here.

These documents are based on a compilation of known advice from a variety of markets and is designed to help you give assurance to your colleagues, clients and shoppers.  We recognise that things are changing quickly everywhere and would welcome feedback on contents and any additions.

The book about Mystery Shopping