How the Pandemic helped us to grow

How the Pandemic helped us to grow

In 2020, when the pandemic hit Lithuania, all sectors were affected. “Shopper Quality Group“ was no exception, but we used the situation as an opportunity to improve our marketing, develop new services and create something new –  our “Praise the Service“ initiative and “Praise the Service“ Ambassadors Academy.

By creating a new business sector we got inspired, we increased communication with the team during the pandemic, made video calls and created a good inspirational mood. Team work was so good that we didn’t even notice once the pandemic situation was over

Mystery shopping remains the main activity in the company, but we are now working on the development of new integrated services for companies' customer service quality improvement.

Now our “Praise the Service“ initiative is the biggest customer service quality improvement project in Lithuania. Participants are improving company image, motivating customer service staff, getting insights, feedback on the current situation and directly contributing to the general improvement of the quality of customer service in Lithuania. The "Praise the Service" Ambassadors Academy is online offering coaching sessions for customer service staff, this assists the company to not only define a situation but also learn from that data.

We found that the Pandemic period allowed our company to grow and improve. It was not easy to find a solution because companies were not active in buying services, but now we have even more to offer for the clients, and tools for customer service quality improvement.

By Neringa Kazlauskienė, Shopper Quality