MSPA Priorities and Board Teams – in action!

What do we do on the MSPA Board? Here is a behind the screens glimpse into the action;

Membership Team

After two challenging years for the industry, we have seen a strong bounce-back in 2022 for many members. MSPA in Europe Africa continues to go from strength to strength as we support members with 20 new companies joining us over the last two years. This is testament to the importance of a strong well connected and supportive association in good times and bad. 

None of our new members will have attended the Annual Conference which was last held in 2019, so we are delighted that it returns after a three-year absence in Varna where we hope to see as many members as possible (new and old).

We know how important it is for members to network and stay connected with friends and colleagues from across our MSPA family. Therefore, the Membership team will be contacting all members over the next few months to say ‘hello’ and make sure everyone is making the most out of their membership. Of course, just being a member of the MSPA brings huge benefits for organisations, particularly when speaking to clients and writing proposals. However, there is so much more, including the following: 

  • Our fantastic hub events and master-classes (in addition to the annual conference)
  • Access to relevant polls and stats which you can share with clients
  • Our educational courses, available to all mystery shopping professionals from mystery shoppers to senior leaders
  • Our accreditations on vital issues such as GDPR and Covid regulations

However, as above, feedback from members tells us time and time again that connecting with each other is really important, so look out for a personal contact from the Membership team and please make every effort to attend the conference if you can.

Education Team

The Education Team have had a busy few months with some great events completed and more to come!

Masterclass and Workshop Programme

Our recent Masterclass in Amsterdam in March was very well attended with great reviews from the sell-out of 20 attendees. These events are deliberately focussed and interactive, with our Theme “Survive and Thrive” well received, providing insight into how to develop your business, proposition, people, and shoppers. This was our first event in over two years, and we will definitely be repeating it later this year, extending to a two-day programme to cover both leadership and operational experiences.

To express an interest in the next Masterclass email Watch this space for dates and details…

New to MSPA?  New Colleagues and Members Event 7th June 2022

We are extending our reach to both new members and new employees of existing members, with an introduction to the MSPA the day before our conference in Varna.  This short programme is a must see for anyone new to MSPA, BOTH new member companies and those employees in your business that need to know more of what MSPA has to offer.  Hosted by Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck, Monica Luciani and Cristiani Oliveira on Tuesday 7thth June


At the time of writing, we are about to launch the latest essential LMS course for all members.  Our course on Guidance and Best practice is based on our recently reviewed and published articles here:

This will be the 4th in an essential group of online learning programmes for members.  Make sure you have the full set of certifications for you and your people – perfect for your credentials with your shoppers and most importantly your clients.  The set of four essential MSPA EA courses cover:- 

  • Common Codes of Professional Standards and Ethical Conduct
  • Professional GDPR for Mystery Shopping
  • Professional COVID-19 Protocol for Face to Face MS
  • Guidelines for Mystery Shopping NEW!

We are also planning to add more courses for shoppers to add to their experience and complement our members own activities.

Watch this space for more details!

The MSPA EA Conference is in Varna from 7 to 9 June 2022

And finally… but most importantly mark the date and book now for our conference, we have attendees already registered from all our continents and over 16 countries!

The speaker programme is finalised and more details are coming at:

This is a great chance to learn with MSPA - don’t forget early bird discounts end on 25th April.

And of course, all bookings are as flexible as we can make them, with hotel cancelation options without a reason available up until a week before the event, and cancellation through Covid -19 up until 24hours beforehand.

Look forward to seeing everyone in Varna!

Marketing and Communication Team

Marketing team members have focused mainly on the following actions in the last couple of months: and instagram, as well as the MSPA website.

New Smiling Report

  • a new data submission form was prepared and introduced to the public
  • a new Smiling Report video file promotion and a message from Veronica, the founder of the survey,  were released
  • deadline for final data submission was communicated on social media platforms
  • Smiling Report data was collected by Insight Now

ELITE Member Status 2022

  • promotion of all ELITE MEMBER STATUS 2022 holders on LINKEDIN page
  • tagging all holders, active sharing holders posts on official MSPA accounts
  • Masterclass (Amsterdam)
  • production of promotional materials (graphics, banners)
  • active promotion of all speakers and content on social media platforms
  • „live“ highlights from the event

Podcast series

  • promotion of our brand new PODCAST SERIES led by Thanasis
  • PODCAST #1 – The Beginning and for The Future  - A Discussion with our founder, Veronica Boxberg Karlsson, promotion on social media platforms + web blog
  • PODCAST #2 – Front-end Experience Measurement - Changing perspective, Mark Michelson, promotion on social media platforms + web blog

Annual Conference Promotion

  • production of promotional materials (graphics, banners)
  • active promotion of date, registration form and „early bird fees“, more to come

Member articles

  • BE A PLAYER - How to Survive and Thrive in a Business World full of Dramatic Change. Member article from Eero Palm, CEO, Trendline Analytics, Estonia
  • promotion on social media platforms + web blog


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