How a 5 Star Resort Hotel in Europe increased sales by 1.9 million Euros with the support of Mystery Shopping

How a 5 Star Resort Hotel in Europe increased sales by 1.9 million Euros with the support of Mystery Shopping


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Why is it important to measure?


Why use an MSPA member company?


Why use Mystery Shopping?

The Guest Experience is what drives KPI’s like increased satisfaction, repeat business, recommendation, and revenue growth. This is why this Hotel’s Top Management decided to measure if the Guest Experience delivered was in line with the highest standards in Luxury Hospitality. Delivering high Guest Experience outcomes was also a pre-condition of joining one of the most prestigious Worldwide Luxury Hotel Organizations that drives business to hotels and this was another important reason to measure and to improve.


MSPA member companies benefit from a worldwide network of similar companies and amongst each other they connect, learn & share best practices in measuring quality of service – and this benefits businesses that are service centric.The Training programmes that the MSPA Education Teams deliver ensure that the MSPA members are continuously updated with the most recent trends, techniques, and technology.


Mystery shopping brought to the Teams, through the detailed reporting, real data and very specific service situations that had occurred during the Mystery Shopping Inspections and that could be improved (standards regarding compliance, sales and emotional intelligence).These reports were read by each team and discussed days later with the Project Manager of the Mystery Shopping company who was experienced in these projects and an action plan was agreed on and immediately implemented so that performance improved.

What were the project specifics?

The programme was planned in a very practical manner: the teams were trained on the Luxury Standards that they needed to meet, however performances for both scores in the Mystery Guest Audits and the GRI *  were lower than target, so something needed to be done.Three cycles of the programme were carried out and each cycle included a Mystery Guest Audit on all Hotel services and a few days later the Project Manager met the teams for one day in the Hotel – 2 hours with Front Office, 2 hours with Food & Beverage, 2 hours with Housekeeping, 1 hour with the SPA & Fitness Team. In an environment of trust and ambition issues were openly discussed, problems identified, fear from some more junior members was taken away and confidence was gained to perform at the highest level as a Team. 

What were the results?

Within less than one year, and with the work carried out by the Head of each Department - Food & Beverage, Front Office, Housekeeping, SPA & Fitness – and with the support of the General Manager and the Mystery Guest Inspections & Workshops, teams switched from a process focused culture to a guest centric culture. The reason why this programme delivered good results was that all stakeholders understood that each of them would benefit from the programme – colleagues would grow as professionals and human beings (such a programme is much more than improving skillsets) and would therefore be more ready for promotion, the Hotel would have higher revenues, Guests would experience more memorable experiences.

Mystery Guest performance improved from 73% to 87% and GRI improved by 3,2.

What were the commercial benefits?


  • The Mystery Shopping programme and the motivation of the teams and ability to deliver a higher performance in the Guest Experience, helped this Hotel to add another 1.9m of sales.

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