Net Happiness Score - Successful Media Coverage in Hungary!

Net Happiness Score - Successful Media Coverage in Hungary!

By István Mózes, Director of the MSPA EU board & CEO, ClientFirst Consulting Kft.

Hungary have the happiest employees in Europe on the basis of the MSPA NHS survey last quarter. The country leads the way with a score of 60.  ClientFirst Consulting – who provided Hungarian data for the survey – published a press release about their country’s win. This was picked up extensively by the Hungarian media, resulting in more than 20 articles across different magazines and online digests, including Public Life and Business Daily, Public Life Women, and various Marketing and eco online publications.

This represents great exposure for MSPA on the topic of mystery shopping.  Journalists were very interested in the theme. They created full page articles, asking sellers and buyers for feedback about service, and created online customer satisfaction mini surveys on the subject.

This activity perfectly demonstrates the power of mystery shopping when linked to an interesting survey or topic. The media will continue to show interest in NHS and Mystery Shopping in general  if we make sure we inform them of the latest industry activities and findings.

Example articles, Hungary 2016:

Leading women’s magazine:

Leading business online:

Leading marketing online magazine:

MSPA would recommend that all members taking part in the survey use the results to engage their clients more positively and also publish their own press releases to raise their own profile, and the profile of MSPA in their local media.

Check HERE the full details on how to join the NHS at 

If any other MSPA members already have examples of media coverage that they would like to share, please send to for publication on our website.

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