Congratulations - Elite Member Status 2017

Congratulations - Elite Member Status 2017

As communicated at last year’s conference, and subsequently through email communications, the Active Membership initiative has been introduced in order to acknowledge MSPA Europe members who contribute towards the promotion of MSPA Europe and the Mystery Shopping industry in general.

We are delighted to announce the success of the initiative in its second first year, as many members applied for Elite Member Status.

The Board of Directors would like to congratulate those members listed below that successfully presented their information, and have received Elite Member status for 2017.

  • 4Service – Russia
  • 4Service - Ukraine
  • 4Service, Scheduling Worldwide
  • AB Better Business World Wide
  • Bare International Inc. Belgium Branch
  • C&O Marketing
  • Claire Boscq-Scott The Busy Queen Bee
  • Client X LTD
  • Client First Consulting Kft.
  • GfK Mystery Shopping 
  • Global Link
  • Helion Market Research Africa
  • Heraklea d.o.o. Mystery Shopping 
  • HS Brands Italia srl
  • Intercampus, S.A.
  • Market Vision s.r.o.
  • Multi-Value bv
  • Multi-Value GmbH
  • Multi-Value bvba
  • Mystery Review bv
  • Mystery Visit Market Research & Consulting
  • Radix & Partners, Marketingberatungs & Trainings GmbH
  • Radix & Partners Russia
  • React Surveys
  • Servicemind a/s
  • Shopper Experience Pesquisa de Mercado Ltda 
  • Skrivnostni Nakup d.o.o.
  • Store Support
  • Storecheckers UK Ltd
  • Toplevel Services


All Elite members receive a digital certificate confirming their Elite status, which can be downloaded from their member area of the MSPA website, and will be:

  • Authorised to use an ELITE MEMBER logo on marketing materials until January 2018
  • Promoted on MSPA website via a special icon on the search profile
  • Announced and awarded ELITE STATUS at the MSPA Europe Annual Conference in Belgrade

The status is valid for one calendar year and each member will need to provide new evidence annually to remain as an Elite Member beyond this year.  All members are welcome to present their evidence over the coming months to apply for Elite member status in 2018.

Further information regarding Elite Membership can be accessed in the secured member area. We would encourage all MSPA Europe Members to apply for membership in 2018, and become a part of this great initiative!