A day in the life of the MSPA Governor

There is no such thing as a typical day for the Governor of the MSPA!

The Governor’s life is marked by the unexpected, and I can be called upon at any time to solve a crisis.

The life is very quiet when;

  1. There are no ongoing conflicts between members 
  2. There is no outstanding work updating the MSPA Code of Ethics, guidelines, or the conflict resolution process.
  3. No members have requested advice on ethical issues or good practice

However, if any of the above issues arise, my role becomes very active in the following ways;

  • Conflict Resolution – I must understand and address the issues surrounding the conflict that have arisen between members. It is crucial to act quickly for a speedy resolution. Firstly, I must determine whether the complaint is justified and if so, what the responsibilities and points of contention are for each party. Then, a precise, objective, factual and impartial investigation must be conducted. The questions I must address are; what ethical rules have been violated? How and by whom? This process may take days, weeks or months depending on the complexity of the case and the co-operation of the parties involved.

  • Procedures – I need to ensure that all the MSPA procedures are effective and up to date. To do this, I work on the fundamental texts of common law. This may be background work or the updating of an existing text. The version produced then needs to be accepted by all relevant parties.

  • Governor Advice - Where a member requests my advice or opinion, I need to effect a rapid response, after ensuring that it is within my remit to be able to help.

So, my role is varied, and it is important that I am available to assist members at all times, and that the MSPA can help and assist with knowledgeable, practical  and understandable advice.

Alain Dubreuil
Governor MSPA Europe/Africa

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