Give Your Employees the Gift of Learning: Your people can Join the MSPA E-learning Community!

We are delighted to present the MSPA on-line learning modules. The first of the LMS (learning Management System) courses are now available on the MSPA website for all members employees, at highly competitive prices.

Our aim is to continuously support the learning and development needs of our MSPA members, whether they are owners or employees. To ensure ongoing relevance, more modules will be added as they are built.

The LMS offers you professionally written content built specifically for the Mystery Shopping profession, something that is not available anywhere else. It allows you to train your staff in crucial aspects of Mystery Shopping such as Ethics and Legislation; Selling, Managing and Operating Programmes; and Driving Improvement for your clients.

To launch the LMS - the module that we have all been waiting for…yes, it’s GDPR.  

We have created a six module GDPR learning programme that informs, checks and tests your staff in all they need to know about GDPR in Mystery Shopping.

At the end of each LMS module we present a certificate of achievement to the participant that can proudly be used to promote themselves as an accredited trained individual and their company as one that takes training seriously.  

GDPR and Legislation Course €79,
reduced to €49 for members for a limited period

A MSPA EA Discount code is send to the main contacts of the MSPA EA members in the next couple of days.

Modules cover these essential topics;

  • An Introduction to GDPR
  • How does GDPR Apply to Us?
  • Where GDPR applies and how it works in a wider context
  • The GDPR Processes you need to have in place
  • Part 1 - Client Employee Data
  • Part 2 - Mystery Shopper Data and Video Mystery Shopping
  • Documenting GDPR and final things to consider

To find out more click here to enter the MSPA E-Learning Area.

At the MSPA our objective is to encourage every member and their staff to understand how and why the GDPR is essential to us as an industry, and to be able to prove and demonstrate this knowledge to their clients and shoppers.

We are therefore offering a discount to all MSPA members for a limited period, and bulk discounts for those members wanting to put 4 or more colleagues through the course and order them in bulk via We will arrange for you one total invoice and after payment, return unique entry codes for your staff to register. Promotion - If you order 4 the same courses in bulk you will receive course number 5 free of charge!

For Elite members, or those that aspire to Elite status, having an employee who has passed the course on GDPR will be a requirement – after all, knowing legislation is an essential part of being in business today.

To find out more share this link to your staff or click here to enrol.

Welcome to MSPA LMS school!

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