How the MSPA helps guide & connect Mystery Shopping Companies

How the MSPA helps guide & connect Mystery Shopping Companies

Blog by AQ Services International

What do the 2020s have in store for us all? Mystery shopping remains a valuable tool, allowing for companies in any industry to evaluate their frontline performance, product saleability, and a whole host of other areas.

With the rise of new technologies, changes in demographics, and consumer demands, mystery shopping is changing to meet the shifts in the industry. The goal of the MSPA is to help mystery shopping companies to strengthen the global mystery shopping industry by combining effort and action. The Association aims to ‘improve and stimulate the acceptance, reputation and use of Mystery Shopping services worldwide’. 

MSPA primary goals are:

  1. Establish professional standards and ethics for the industry.
  2. Educate providers, clients and shoppers to improve quality of service.
  3. Improve the image of the industry through public relations and conduct.
  4. Promote members to other industry associations and prospective clients

For mystery shopping providers like us, the MSPA is a vital resource, providing connectivity with companies in the industry, software providers, and offering a useful foundation for our mystery shoppers. 

There are several key benefits we have found by being members of the MSPA:

Professional, worldwide network

The MSPA allows for all mystery shopping companies to work under the single banner of ethics and global standards, ensuring that our clients and our mystery shoppers are all treated fairly and equally.

Annual Conferences

During the conferences, mystery shopping providers have the opportunity to mingle, network, and strengthen business connections. With educational opportunities like workshops and skill training, the conference also allows the industry’s best technology suppliers and vendors to showcase their products; bringing everyone and everything for the mystery shopping industry together.

Training for Mystery Shopping Companies, Clients, and Mystery Shoppers

The MSPA provide regular workshops throughout the year, as well as a certification course for mystery shoppers, and e-learning courses for mystery shopping company employees on vital subjects such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a very important factor in all global mystery shopping providers’ day-to-day business.

Mystery Shopping Company Database 

The MSPA has a database listing its member companies - this allows for prospective companies to search for a mystery provider that suits their needs.

By joining the MSPA, mystery shopping companies all around the world, have the ability to influence the industry in which we work for the better. With the MSPA’s guidance and support, the mystery shopping industry grows and adapts year-on-year, changing to match the needs and requirements of our clients and mystery shoppers, no matter where they are or what industry they might be in.

Jeroen de Koning
CEO of AQ Services International

MSPA Member since 2001