The First MSPA EA Online Conference – A Digital Delight!

The First MSPA EA Online Conference – A Digital Delight!

After many weeks of planning we took our first steps “On Air” on Friday 25th September.  Over 150 delegates attended during the day, enjoying a presentation from Stefaan, our President, about the many and varied efforts over the past months, and the plans for more support coming as 2020 comes to a close and we prepare for 2021.

4 case studies, two breakout sessions, a keynote Zoom training session, coffee hangout and a vendors show were all incorporated on line for our digital delegates and recordings and handouts are still available to all those registered. 

The event was much more than our series of Zoom Webinars, creating a real community feel as we connect, learn and share together.  More online events are planned over the coming months as we use this successful formula to bring us together online until we can all meet again.

Feedback was excellent, with speakers all scoring over 4 out of 5 for their contribution, thanks to Tony Allen, David Hopkins, David Butrielle, Cyriel Kortleven and out own Rena Shaw, Cris Olivera and Luis Duarte for their time and professionalism.

Post event feedback was encouraging, with some good tips for the future so we can continue to improve…

"In such an unusual and unpredictable situation which all of us found ourselves in this year, it is vital to keep up with all the changes in our sphere and to share expertise with each other. And the webinar was a great opportunity to do it, we got a lot of useful information and insights from our international colleagues. All the speakers did a really great job. Also, I would like to highlight the usability of web-platform, the interface was very clear, and everything worked smoothly.
Looking forward to visiting another MSPA webinar"

Ludmila Fukova - Romir research holding

"I believe the 1st ever MSPA EA event was a huge success! Even in times of great uncertainty the MSPA managed to connect with all of its members, share what’s new in the industry and learn new stuff in the entertaining lectures. I also enjoyed the software platform – it was great to connect with other members, exchange brochures and other files and screen share. The “coffee breaks” were also exciting, as you don’t know who you will meet next, as only 4 people are sharing the room for a particular time. Overall it was great! Of course, I would prefer to meet everyone in person, but that is a great alternative." 
Ivan Gradev - Shopmetrics

"I appreciate the efforts in creating a dynamic conference, in accordance with the new tools and technologies available which, at the same time, brought not only relevant Mystery-Shopping-related topics but ideas on how to improve our deliveries and where to focus our business. As usual, the MSPA conferences cover a wide range of topics and gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with many people in the business, from all around the world. However, I would like to especially highlight how current the topics were on this occasion. Thank you for all your efforts!"
Alejandro ALBI - Account Director, Ipsos

"This year we came together virtually. We had to brew our own cup of coffee and did not enjoy the sun of Varna together. However, after more than 6 months with COVID-19 we are now used to meet virtually. With clients, shoppers and colleagues. Therefore the MSPA conference this year was different - but not uncomfortable.I really enjoyed to see some well-known faces again after we met last time in Croatia. And I attended some very inspiring webinars. Especially Cyril Kortleven (“who is zooming who”) made my day with a fresh, a different and an inspiring performance. 
During the session breaks we could connect with other attendees in smaller randomly thrown together groups. It was fun to meet people I may not have spoken to during a face-to-face-conference (so thanks for the new horizons here), but I would also appreciate to connect with people of my own choice. Maybe the system (if we will meet virtually again) can arrange a kind of table-hopping? I loved to see Stefaan and Nikky and all the other enthusiasts making this day a great enrichment for all of us. Thank you very, very much!" 

Peter Füller - Field Manager SKOPOS NEXT GmbH & Co. KG

"Thank you to all the MSPA Board for the opportunity that you have given to all members to meet each other again.  I think that a virtual meeting will never substitute the great experience that we all have when we meet annually in the congress of May. However, the September virtual meeting was really good, honestly speaking it was much better than I expected.  It was good to meet colleagues who share the same problems under exceptional circumstances. The technological system chosen by the MSPA for us to communicate was excellent because apart from the speakers, it gave us the opportunity to have short meetings with other partners and exchange experiences. I especially liked how the system managed the coffee breaks: It allowed only a few minutes of conversation; after 4 / 5 minutes it switched to another small group of people so each one of the members could exchange experiences with many colleagues.   I also had some private video conversations with good friends and colleagues to catch up and talk about the business during this terrible COVID situation.  Many thanks and hope to see you all in person next year."
Antonio Galiano - Director Comercial El Cliente Indiscreto

Watch this space for our next online event

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