Call for Conference Speakers - 7-9 June 2022

Varna is on!
Theme: Assess, Adapt and Act!
7-9 June 2022, Varna, Bulgaria

  • Find out more at our HUB Event on Friday February 11th! 
  • For now, we need your help, apply to be a speaker and share your Case Study thoughts and actions!

MSPA EA conference team is happy to share that the VARNA, BULGARIA Conference 2022 planning has begun!

Our last face to face conference programme was our highest rated event ever and it has been some time since we have had the chance to repeat this performance.  There are no certainties but our plan is to prepare the best ever event we can; ensuring great content, safe and inspirational networking and above all a return to our motto to Connect, Learn and Share in Person!

We have heard loud and clear from many of you that if you can travel you will join us! But before we see you all, we need to hear from volunteers to share their experiences and plans, whatever they are. These case studies can be about clients, products, processes or people as your business adapts for the future.

Our theme for 2022 takes us in to the future…

Assess, Adapt and Act!

Mystery Shopping in the new world

We are looking for anyone to share how you, or your clients, people or business has met challenges and is moving forward:- 

  • ASSESSED… the challenges they face
  • ADAPT… their business, products, processes to meet the challenges
  • ACT… effectively to deliver results

Get involved send your application as soon as possible, last applications received by 1st March 2022 and.....attend our February Hub Event in 3 weeks to learn more about the Live events scheduled! 

To send your application please click the link below: 

Start your speaker application


There are a limited number of time slots available, the first key notes and case study presentations are already confirmed, therefore please send your application as soon as possible. The relevant deadlines are published when you open the online link below!

If you want to discuss your ideas before you apply feel free to email Nikky and we can arrange a quick call with one of the team (

A few notes before you apply...

  • Deadline for applications is extended to March 1st, 2022.
  • All presentations must be done in English. Unfortunately, MSPA cannot provide simultaneous translation.
  • MSPA EA is a non-profit association. As a member of MSPA, it is expected that your contribution will be voluntary, free of charge (you/your company will have to pay for travel, conference registration fee, accommodation and any expenses or optional events);
  • However, if you bring one of your clients to present a case study, MSPA EA might cover the client expenses which includes: Conference fee, flight ticket (economy class) and 1 or 2 hotel nights. In addition, if you bring a client to present a case study, your company will be listed as one of the conference supporters.
  • Applications will be contacted by the conference team to schedule a conference call, to occur in February/March. 
  • Kindly note that all applicants will receive an answer, even if they are not accepted! So, in case you do not hear back from MSPA EA, please contact the conference team at
  • After the conference, your presentation and recordings of presentations will be published in the MSPA EA website. By applying to be a speaker at the conference, you are accepting sharing your presentation. MSPA EA accepts that you may want to delete some slides, however the final version of the presentation file to be used at the conference must be submitted together with the file you are willing to share with the delegates.
The book about Mystery Shopping