The 2nd MSPA EA Virtual Conference – A Digital & 3D Delight!

The 2nd MSPA EA Virtual Conference – A Digital & 3D Delight!

Thank you to all our attendees – over 200 viewers at the last count – from over 38 countries! As far as Australia, Brazil, Argentina and of course all parts of Europe and Africa.  So a total of +1,000 hours of viewing by all delegates!

We had a full day, with great speakers and of course an update from Stefaan, our now Past President, and a warm welcome from our New President, Luis Duarte.

Here are two videos, one a welcome from our board, and the other a very fond farewell to Stefaan as our President, who of course will remain involved as our Global Board Representative and in our Education team, delivering more and more great online workshop opportunities.

Say Hello to your board

Waive goodbye to Stefaan, President of MSPA EA 2019-2021

Recordings of sessions from the conference are open to registered delegates and can be accessed through our conference portal.  All you need to do is log in like you did before and find them in the gallery and Agenda timetable.  All delegates received a remainder email with their login information.

A big thank you to all speakers;Neringa Kazlauskienė (Shopper Quality Group, Lithuania), Martina Fossati (Bva Doxa, Italy), Laura Salvadori (E.ON Italy), David Hopkins (ProInsight, UK), Valeriy Khrapov (Romir, Russia), Anna Shanova (Kia Russia Cis), Hagop Harmandarian (Romir, Russia), Luis Duarte (More Result, Portugal) Carla Carvalho Dias (Portugal), Claire Boscq-Scott (The Busy Queen Bee, Jersey), Thanasis Papapostolou (AIP Consulting, Greece), Jan-Willem Smulders (Creating Winners, Kuala Lumpur), Antonio Maiorano (Bare international, Hungary), Antonios Daskos (DOOR Training, Greece), Joelle Makdessie (GWR, United Arab Emirates) and.... of course our own Board of Directors for their time and professionalism; thanks to

We are moving on many other initiatives over the summer and at your service if you need us! Watch this space…

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