A day in my life as a Project Manager at Toplevelservices

A day in my life as a Project Manager at Toplevelservices

I’m happy to share with you one of my working days as a Project Manager in the mystery shopping business.

Today isTuesday. As usual, my first task is to check my emails to respond to urgent queries. I’m in contact with our clients, partners and my colleagues who are working on the same projects. During this task, I also find it important to check all my running projects. This concerns the incoming reports, the validation for our customers, the fieldwork, the dates, etc. 

Today I’m also happy to meet one of our new customers at 11am. So, after dealing with all my emails I drive to Brussels, where I will meet my Managing Director and our client to see how the first pilot visits went.  We try to give them our ideas, share our experience in their branch and all together we set up the waves for the next series of visits. The Client has asked us to make an extra proposal to help them to achieve the objectives around customer experience with coaching on the floor, so we explain how this would benefit them.

After this fruitful meeting, my Managing Director and I took the time to lunch together. During lunch we go through all actions that need to be done for all running projects. My Managing Director needs to go to another meeting and this gives me the time to work on all needed actions before performing a mystery visit myself. I find it important to do visits from time to time myself, especially for new projects. This helps me to understand the project and to see if anything needs to be adjusted to make the scenario feasible and as natural as possible. 

At the end of the day I need to attend to a workshop given by TopLevel Services. We hold several workshops a year in Belgium and France for our shoppers. This gives us the opportunity to know our shoppers, to teach them how to improve their work as a mystery shopper and to explain our running projects. We find it important to invest in this, and it is also great to be able to brief our shoppers on the most important projects face to face. We try to give them tips by using roleplays, so they feel confident during  feedback conversations with sales people, and so they can improve the quality of their reports.

This day was very full and varied, now it is time to go home and relax

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