MSPA EA Membership Annual Dues (January - December)

 Regular Member, First Company Office €525,-
 Associate Member, First Company Office €525,-
 Candidate Provider/Associate Member €525,-
 Additional Office membership to a Regular/Associate Member €280,-
 Additional Region membership to a Regular/Associate Member €280,-

* One-time administration fee for new members in the first year of membership:  € 75,-. 
(Not applicable to application for timely annual renewals.)

Optional services to the annual membership:

  • Additional Service Category Listings: €25,- EACH
  • Additional Industry Category Listings: €25,-EACH
  • Additional Country Listings: €25,- EACH
  • Additional Company Representatives: €100,- EACH
  • URL-link and expanded company information on MSPA web site: €100,-
  • Company logo AND expanded listing on MSPA web site: €175,-

MSPA EA Membership - annual dues (pdf)

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