Scams are common in our industry and new scams are developed every day. Scammers are operating by pretending to be MSPA Europe/Africa or our member companies, and seeking independent contractor details by email or telephone. Though we cannot stop every scam and the people behind them, we can alert the appropriate parties and minimize exposure when possible.

Be alert about the following SCAMS reported to MSPA:

2018, October

  • Someone by the name Collins Hickman is using the name MSPA EUROPE in a secret shopper scam. Mainly in the USA. There was a USPS postal money order sent along with the letter. 

2018, January 

  • - Be alert on an application that can be completed via SurveyMonkey for a possibly secret shopper job for Walmart. A person calls himself Frank Eden and poses as being an task coordinator at Mystery Shopper inc and uses several MSPA website links & images in the emails you start to receive.
  • A check scam coming from Allen Tyler ( who claims to be with both Mystery Shoppers Inc. and MSPA Europe/Africa has been reported. You are contacted by email and asked to cash in an amount via a check, they even use the MSPA logo and include the website domain of MSPA - this is definitely a scam. MSPA does not hire shoppers and shoppers are never asked to cash in cheques!
  • Another check scam is occuring from someone who calls themself Peter Pellegrino and poses as being an employee at MSPA Europe/Africa. The checks they send look really good, but they are definitely false!

2017, December 

  • A person named Anthony Bensen claims working through LagoM in the Marketing Research Industry - this person does not exists and is not connected to the company name used. You are contacted by LinkedIn and asked to cash in a large amount via a check. Don't collect checks you receive and in case this person contacts you do not respond!
2017, September 
  •   -  this website or the company name is not connected to any of the MSPA member companies. This website is a copy of an actual website, the logo is replaced as well as the name. don't respond to emails you receive from this company. 

MSPA would like to remind all shoppers to be extra careful when receiving emails that appear to be from mystery shopping companies that they do not work for regularly, or that look different in style from those that they usually receive from companies they often carry out work for. Also, we would urge shoppers to never trust emails from companies that send emails offering to post out money (usually cheques) before completion of work.

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